Saving and opening multiple tabs in Google Chrome.

I have actually found a way to save all open tabs in Chrome. It is still not the best way but it works! (most of the time)

So for it to work you have to download a small MACRO-program that slowly runs through your tabs, and saves the url and title, and then connects to this site and autofills in a form, and gives it a session name (which you can change if you want or just press the button and the session is saved).
1a. If you want a precompiled macrofile that you just download and start, you can download it here: ChromeSessions.exe
   Here is an exe compiled with a longer wait time for the savesession page. It waits 5 seconds before starting to fill in the form, just so the page can load completely even on slow connections: ChromeSessions_slowConn.exe
1b. If you rather want to check out WT... I am doing and maybe want to copy some code and make your own (better) script then download this: (unzip and open in standard text file editor (eg. notepad))
2. You will also need the Macroprogram:
3. If you havent already done it, you also need a login so you can keep track of your sessions: Login

I really hope this works for you, it works good for me... Maybe some delays in the program are not long enough, then let me know or hack the script to your own needs.

Please email me suggestions, ideas, and questions, I am VERY sure we can make this better! :)

One feature I really missed in Chrome was the ability to save tabs, and open them all at once at a later time. Chrome nowadays have this feature in their bookmarks. But I also want the possibility to work on multiple pages on my work machine, and then open them all when I get home.

So... This is just really a "proof of concept" that it is possible to open multiple tabs at once, and it would be a wonderful addition to Google Bookmarks, so now someone from Google bookmarks just need to copy what I did, and give me loads of money as a gratitude ;)

I have gotten the open and saving part working, but I am working on finding a way to save ALL open tabs at once in Chrome. Since I am not really a certified programmer, I am just guessing and trying code until I find something that work... WHEN I get it to work I'll let you know...


So, to get this to work do the following:
1. Create a bookmarklet on your bookmarks bar with the following code:
javascript:(function(){var a=window,b=document,c=encodeURIComponent,""+c(b.location)+"&title="+c(b.title),"bkmk_popup","left="+((a.screenX||a.screenLeft)+10)+",top="+((a.screenY||a.screenTop)+10)+",height=250px,width=420px,resizable=1,alwaysRaised=1");a.setTimeout(function(){d.focus()},300)})();

2. Click it once to setup user and password, this is just to keep track of which groups are yours, and is just entered once per user and computer.
3. Close the window again, and you are ready to go, start adding tabs, or pages to groups that will open all at once with just a single click.
4. To access your list of URL-groups press teh bookmarklet and choose Open URL-group to show your groups, make a bookmark to that page as well.


- Add thumbnail preview of urls in urlgroup view.
- FIXED Add an url to multiple tags/groups at once using the javascript function.
- FIXED List individual urls inside the urlgroup.
- FIXED with the help of some macros read more at the top of this page. Add ALL TABS to a group at once, PRIO ONE, now I just need to figure out how to do this :)
- Delete URL's from groups, could be useful ;)
- Delete whole groups, of course
- Edit groups